Fun with Coasters

Courtesy of David R.

  1. Remove a beer coaster from your local bar.
  2. Carefully split the beer coaster top and bottom.
  3. Insert a $10 bill and reseal.
  4. Return to bar.
  5. Place beer coaster under glass.
  6. Wait for the bar to get extremely busy.
  7. Discuss in a VERY LOUD voice the advertisements on TV and in the papers which says Brewery X has hidden $10 bills in their coasters.
  8. Keep arguing about whether it's true or not until everyone in the bar knows what you're talking about.
  9. Tear open some beer coasters; look depressed.
  10. Partially tear open the one with the $10 bill in it.
  11. Shout, "I've won ! I've won", and wave the tenner still wedged in the beer coaster around
  12. Watch every coaster in the bar get destroyed
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