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Extra 20 years

Geriatric & Baby Boomer Humor

Groovy? Curbfinders? Mimeograph Machines? If you remember these words and grew up back when TV went off the air at midnight, before the Internet, cell phones, MTV, and feel right at home in the Smithsonian, this section is for you. Keep your nitroglycerin pills handy:

New Deportation Pol.. New
A Great Weekend Seniors Q & A
Very Touching Letter Retirement Q&A
Geezer Wisdom Hard of Hearing
Catholic Heart Attack Get Out of the Car!
Older Lady Driver Old Burma Shave Signs
Time to Get in Shape Tell Me No
3 Senior Moments It's Hell to be Old
Senior Church Moment Senior Dress Code
Old Farmer Advice The Nursing Home
Electronically-Challenged... Will I Live to See 80?
Birth Control Pills The Old Prospector
Growing Old Old Loving Couple
Reminiscing Two Romantic Seniors
Charlie is in Room 233 Lil Old Folks
Pillow Talk Total Makeover
Peacock-Colored Hair Comments in 1957
Senior Personal Ads Helping Grandma
AARP Quiz Grandpa & Grandson
Old is When.... Colonoscopy
A.A.A.D.D. Parking Ticket
Hospital Humor Finally Together
No Enemies Grandma's Boyfriend
Skinny Dippers Lost Glasses
80 Year-old Bride Old Man at the Movie
Tetanus Shot School: 1957 vs. 2007
Senior Golf Smokeless Cigarette
Old Farmer Unexpected Foreplay
Rye Bread Old Geezer
Older than Dirt Grandma & Grandpa
Grandparent Humor Over the Hill
Bathroom Light Over 50
Viagra Theme Songs Stingy Lawyer
Signs of Growing Up Old Today
Baby Boomer Quiz Explanation of Life
The Bumper Sticker Senior Center
Grandma Arrested Social Security Office
Memory Problems Will Rogers Quotes
C-Nile Virus 19 Things That it Took....
Grandmother's Concerns
The Garden
Bad Guess
Old Folks Short Stories
Never Too Late to Marry
1915 Rules for Teachers
Helicopter Ride
Finders Keepers
We Must Stop This Imm....
60's Hits to Accommodate
Aging Baby Boomers

What a Difference 30
Years Makes

Twelve Thoughts
Doctor's Call
Games for When We Get...
Living in 2005

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