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Follow the Leader

The two friends, Greg and Tyler, met up at the bar after work, hoisted a couple together, and decided to repair to Greg's new house and continue their drinking there.

"I haven't laid in a supply of liquor yet," Greg apologized. "We'll have to stop off at the liquor store on the way." "I'll follow you," Tyler said. He had not yet been to Greg's new house and didn't know the way.

They drove in their respective cars to the liquor store in Greg's new neighborhood, where Greg purchased a bottle, then returned to their vehicles. Tyler continued tailing Greg closely, to be sure he wouldn't lose him as he didn't know where he was going.

Alas, Greg was none too sure himself...he had just moved in two days earlier...and he missed a turn, did a fancy u-ie, then later made a sudden right turn when he realized he'd almost missed the turn-off to his street.

Tyler, however, skillful driver that he was, managed to keep up with him.

So did the officer in the police cruiser following behind and keeping an eye on their antics. Turning on his lights, he pulled Tyler over.

Commenting on Greg and Tyler's maneuvering, and Tyler's following Greg almost bumper to bumper, the officer said, "What're you, playing some kind of game?"

"Yes, sir," Tyler answered, "follow the litre."

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