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World of Warcraft Addicts Anonymous

Your name was given to us by a spouse or family member who is concerned about your game addiction.

At World of Warcraft Addicts Anonymous, we can help. Yes, you--we're talking to you. You, looking at this screen for hours on end, online. You, bleary eyed. You, an addict. Have you looked in the mirror lately? Been outside? Know what day of the week it is? Have you checked downstairs to see if your family still lives with you?

We're a non-profit society of recovering addicts like yourself that provides support and counseling through weekly meetings designed to help you cope with your problem. We feature a twelve-step recovery program and in extreme cases, interventions. Although it is our firm belief that you are never "cured," you most certainly can recover. We have designed a brief checklist to determine if you are an addict.

Do you:

  1. Login immediately after waking up to see what you've sold at the Auction House while sleeping?
  2. Have all the flight times memorized and know what normal activites you can perform during this time (such as meal preparation, hygiene or bodily functions)?
  3. Spend more time leveling than eating or sleeping?
  4. Are familiar with the abbreviations dps, lf, mats, gs, wts, wtb, etc.?
  5. Buy a separate account for anyone else in the household that plays so as to not have to share playing time?
  6. Never answer your phone during battle and have voicemail messages piling up?
  7. Have red, swollen eyes that hang halfway out of your head?
  8. Spend hours playing while not at work, where you'd usually be griping about your carpal tunnel syndrome?
  9. Go into widthdrawals during realm maintenance?
  10. All of the above?

If you answered yes to four or more questions (or chose #10), you have a problem.

Please call us at at: 1-800-AFKNOWFORPETE'SSAKE World of Warcraft Addicts Anonymous. We're here, we're free, and we're confidential. The first step to recovery is admission that you have a problem. Call us today!

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