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About Us

I've often wondered if anyone ever reads these "about" pages. They're kind of like movie credits. Good place to leave secret messages or something. Ever see anybody stay and watch the movie credits? If someone did, the theater management would probably be on them like flies on honey thinking that they're on drugs, drunk, asleep, up to something illegal, or all of the above.

UPDATE: After further research, I've discovered that some folks actually do watch movie credits, as is evidenced in this forum, so I guess I'd better go ahead and write something about-like here. Remember, though, if you're going to watch film credits do so in the privacy of your own home, lest you be apprehended by theater personnel for the reasons outlined above.

When I originally started this site, it was known as Humor Etcetera, and located at from March 15, 2005 until November 15, 2006, at which time I went "on vacation" in California for a while.

While asleep at the switch I managed to lose the former domain name,, being a few days late and a dollar short. I have now finished restoring all of the former content here at and am adding new content daily.

And now, here's the little blurb that I wrote for the original site, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away:

The idea for this site came to me when I realized that I had amassed a large collection of saved email jokes. This, combined with a desire to learn website design, led to the creation of I now know that learning web design is similar to taking on a number of new foreign languages at the same time. This being especially true since I write all the code myself on Notepad2, as opposed to using web design software. In my view, doing things from scratch provides for a more complete learning experience, albeit a long and drawn out one (when I was a kid, decades ago, I liked to take things apart to see what made them work). But enough of that and on to site-related info.

The stories, jokes or whatever you prefer to call them, are sorted into categories for easier selection. This gets complicated when a story fits well in two categories, or a new category is started. In other words, there is a small amount of duplication, mostly with jokes in the miscellaneous department. Each story is on a separate page in bold print with lots of white space for easier reading. This is also a bonus for those of you who like to print them out to post them on a bulletin board.

A new feature of the site is a recently posted list on the front or homepage. Now that Humor Etcetera has literally hundreds of stories I thought that this would be useful for those of you checking for recently posted items....I would say new items but I've discovered from perusing other sites that some of these jokes date back over ten years and were originally posted in newsgroups. Also on the front page are a few "teasers" from what I consider to be the classics.

-Updated 7 September 2007

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