Stories/Jokes: Believe it or Not

car over water

Believe it or Not

These stories claim to be true. With all the idiots out there anything is possible. It would take more than a wild imagination to think up some of these. Also included in this section are a few of the funnier 419 Advance Fee Fraud e-mails that I've recieved. Little do the scammers know that when they send me one they are actually submitting their "Confidential Proposal" to a humor website....

Historical Trivia New Worst Self Help Books
Stuff you didn't know Natural Born Citizen
Automobile Facts Actual Warning Labels
Untimely Incidents Common Fallacies
Actual Newspaper Ads Feeling Unappreciated?
Actual Smithsonian Ques.. Car Name Origins
More Unusual Facts The Chicken Plucker
Fish Story School Bus Exam
Motorcycle Gang Hospitality Bizarre Books
History of Toilet Paper The Edge Index
Strange Uses for Coke Unusual Facts
7 Strangest Wars Signs & Stuff
...Most Ridiculous Lawsuits Actual Letter to IRS
Strange Canadian Laws Letter to Bank
Interesting Stuff Olympic Comments
Message to Mugger Outdoor Plant Calamity
Fire Insurance Disorder in the Court
Trivial Pursuit Diagnosis
Wrong Place, Wrong Time Doctors, Guns & Lawyers
Life in the 1500s Drunken Driver
Actual Welfare Apps Letters to the Landlord
Railroad Trivia Amazing Tales
Car Accident Excuses Strange African & Asian L...
The History of Manure Top 8 Morons
Idiots III White Lie Cake
Expert Witness Real Aptronyms
Honest Job App WW II Bomber Restaurant
Taser Experiment More Idiots
Catchy Signs More Amazing Facts
Beaver Dam Project LA High School Math Ex...
$0.00 Bad Day
Con-Artists Actual News Headlines
Behind Every Man.....
Amazing Facts
A Few Short Ones
Anger Management
Customer Survey
Wrong Address
First Date
Car Accident Details
Stupid Local Laws
Stake Out
Downhill Mooning
Case of the Pregnant Lady
Taco Hell
FBI Pizza Story
Flying Kitten
Payment Notification New Lottery Winner
Free Oil Money Damsel in Distress
Treasure Box
Yasser Arafat Estate
House Arrest
Lost in Space

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