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Free Fun and Games:

Parachute Jump: Daffy is counting on you to help him score a perfect landing. Click "jump" to launch Daffy from the plane. Click "chute" to open his parachute. Watch the underpants to check the wind direction. Good Luck!!

Super Obama World: Remember Super Mario Brothers from the 80's? Then Super Obama World will be a piece of cake. Use arrow keys to move and space bar to jump. From Zen Soft.

Animax Tic-Tac-Toe: This is the best game to come down the email trail in a very long time. Get comfortable - You are not going to want to stop playing. When you open it click on a square. Warning ... this is addictive!! This is a different way to play. HAVE FUN!!

Who wants to be a millionaire?: The official site of 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire', hosted by Meredith Vieira, Five Nights a Week!. Play the original Who Wants to Be a Millionaire online game! You have 3 Lifelines: 50:50, Phone-a-friend and Ask the Audience.

Apple Picking Time: Apple Picking Time...Can you get 50% in the pail......................This one will drive you nuts!! Apple pickin' time! (Not as easy as you woyld think) This will keep you busy for a while....

Wagenschenke: Features two games: 1) Hangover 2005, picture yourself inside a drunk's stomach manning a submarine trying to eliminate bubbles before he pukes you out, 2) Home Run 2005, object is to keep the drunk upright as long as possible. Both games are mouse controlled. Site may contain more goodies if you happen to read Swiss.

Drag Strip: Time yourself in the quarter mile while driving a classic Mustang. Special effects include engine noises, burning rubber, smoke and a parachute to slow you down after your run. Brought to you by AmericanMusclecars


Times Square: Earthcam and TGI Friday's bring you and HD, panoramic view of Times Square looking up, down, and across 7th Avenue and Broadway. See why Times Square is called the "Crossroads of the World".

Bourbon Street: This street level reveals the heart of New Orleans. Check out the locals and tourists on the corner of Bourbon and St. Peter Street from the balcony of the famous Cat's Meow bar, where Karaoke was launched in the US in 1989.

Belushi's Bar: It's party time! Well, sometimes, anyway. Weekends, mostly. This Belushi's Bar is pretty lively being right on the beaches of the UK's surfing capital - Newquay. Newquay, is the most popular Holiday destination in Cornwall and the Surf Capital of the UK with Fistral Beach being the venue for leading competitions.

Video Humor:

Bud Light®: Once you get past the age verification sign-in there are many of the videos which you've seen on TV commercials and some you haven't.

JibJab: View all those world famous JibJab videos starting with Bush/Kerry.

Humorous Commentary:

Dave Barry: Sidesplitting humorous observations from the master at the Miami Herald.

Sheila Moss: The official website of Humor Columnist, Sheila Moss. featuring humor columns, amusing articles, comedy lists and other funny stuff.

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