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Strange African & Asian Laws

Courtesy of David R.

Strange Asian Laws:

The laws of Asian countries appear absurd at first glance, but in reality they make sense:

  • In accordance with Mongolian law, women are obligated to walk with their bosom exposed. This law was appropriate in the Middle Ages; in such a way Mongolian nomads protected themselves from enemy soldiers dressed up as women.
  • In the Indian state of Rajastan, women are obligated to eat carrot seeds, which are supposed to possess contraceptive properties.
  • An ancient Iranian law was mentioned in the Western press, which forbids copulation with wild animals, especially lionesses, but permits intimate relations with some domestic animals.
  • Strict Singapore legislators have forbidden the public from chewing gum in the metro, walking around the house naked, and failing to flush after using the toilet.
  • In South Korea, officers of the highway patrol are obligated to report to their supervisors the bribes they received for the day.
  • Thais are not permitted to leave the house without underwear, and they are forbidden from stepping on the local money or coins - since the king is depicted on the currency.
  • There are severe laws in Israel. Here, along with many other things, it is forbidden to blow your nose on Saturdays. To ride a bike here, you must have a driver's license. In the city of Arade it is forbidden to feed animals in public places, in Ramat-Gasharon you cannot have a Rottweiler, and in Haifa bears are not allowed on the city beaches.

Strange African Laws:

  • Since 1994, men are not allowed to have intimate relations with girls younger than 18 years of age, unless the man has more than $50, a sheep, and 3 bottles of gin, since this is the fine that a man must pay for impregnating an underage girl.
  • In Swaziland, however, up to a year in prison awaits those couples that decide to try "underwater love." The law was put into force in 1985 after it was noted that a national sight (the Kadl-Padl hot spring) was very popular among lovers.
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