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Blonde Rides a Train

A blonde is traveling by train around Europe. She goes to the ticket window to buy a ticket to her next destination. She says to the man behind the counter, "I have one request, if you don't mind. Please make sure my ticket has me facing in the same direction the train is going. I can't stand riding backwards on trains."

The railway guy hears her out, and says, "Your request is not a problem, madam. Here's your ticket. Have a nice trip."

The blonde thinks everything is in order, but when she gets to her seat, it turns out she's riding backwards. She fumes throughout the ride and when she finally arrives at her destination, she collars the first railway official she sees.

Blonde: "I made a simple request that your idiot employee on the other end completely mishandled. I'm really annoyed by such incompetence."

Official: "I'm sorry things turned out badly for you, but if I may say so, there was a simple solution to your problem."

Blonde: "What was that?"

Official: "Quite easily, you could have asked to change seats with another passenger".

Blonde: "No, that wouldn't have worked; I was the only one in the compartment."

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