Stories/Jokes: Battle of the Sexes

Men and Women

Courtesy of David R.

How to Impress a Woman:

  • Compliment her.
  • Cuddle her.
  • Kiss her.
  • Caress her.
  • Love her.
  • Stroke her.
  • Tease her.
  • Comfort her.
  • Protect her.
  • Hug her.
  • Hold her.
  • Spend money on her.
  • Wine & dine her.
  • Buy things for her.
  • Listen to her.
  • Care for her.
  • Stand by her.
  • Support her.
  • Go to the ends of the earth for her....

How to Impress a Man:

  • Show up naked.
  • Bring beer.
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