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Rating Women

Courtesy of Mike M.

These three guys are in a bar, having a few beers, and checking out the babes as they enter the establishment.

One walks in, rather attractive, and they "discuss" her "rating," which, of course, is on a 1 to 10 scale.

One says, "I'd give her a 7... she's really quite pretty." Another agrees, and so does the third, but the bartender, bringing A new round of drinks to their table, overhears their rating of the young lass, checks her out himself, and says "Nah, I'd only give her a 3."

"A THREE?! How can you give her a three?!!!" says one of the three chaps at the table, "she's a real pretty girl." The bartender, walking away, says "Well, I use the Budweiser method for rating women."

Puzzled, the guys looked at each other, figured the bartender had lousy taste in women, and went back to their ratings.

Moments later, another young lady, prettier than the last, walks into the bar, and they confer between themselves and decide she deserves a 9. However, the bartender, wiping off the table nearest to theirs, again overhears their rating of the gal, checks her out himself, and tells the fellows that he'd only give her a 5. "A FIVE?! How can you give her just a FIVE?!!! She's absolutely gorgeous!!!"

The bartender casually replies that, again, he uses "the Budweiser method for rating women."

"The Budweiser method?!" they puzzled, as the bartender returned to his post behind the bar. They were quite confused.

Three, maybe four minutes passed by, and then a marvelously STUNNING blonde, 5'11" goddess walks into the bar. Long luscious legs, sexy shape... truly a work of flawless perfection!!! Without hesitation, the three "judges" at the table determine that this young sultress is, without any doubt, a 10. However, carrying a case of beer past them to restock the supply behind the bar, the bartender -- once more overhearing their rating of the girl -- glances studiously at her, and reveals to the chaps that the best, the very BEST that he could give her, would be a 7. "A SEVEN?!!! How in the WORLD could you give her just a mere SEVEN?!!! She's GORGEOUS!!!"

"Well," says the bartender, again, "I use the Budweiser method for rating women."

"BUDWEISER?!!!" Says one of the guys, exasperated, "What in the Hell is this 'Budweiser method' for rating women?!!!"

"Well, says the bartender, "the Budweiser method for rating women is the number of Clydesdales it would take to pull me off her."

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