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Application to Secede

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APPLICATION TO SECEDE                 FORM 4089

This form is to be completed if you are seeking to formalise separation from an alliance/country or federation and form your own independent nation.  You are eligible to complete this form and absolve all allegiance to your government if your government has contravened your fundamental rights as a citizen.

If you are unsure on how to fill out this form or you are illiterate, you may nominate your bestest friend to complete it for you, on the condition that your nominated form filler outerer is familiar with the concept of multiple choice.


1.1   Proposed Name for your proposed nation (You must select from the dropdown box below):
      Click on the arrow to view options

1.2  Reason for seceding:
   Rather pissed off with Government      Government pissed off with me      Other

1.3  Intended form of leadership for your new nation:
   Dictatorship     Warlords     Monarchy      Every person for themselves     Some sort of weirdo tribal rule similar to the television series 'Survivor'     If your selection is not listed please choose the most similar to your proposal (e.g. Democracy check the Warlords box)

1.4  Form of border control: (more than one option may be selected)
    Landmines      Jelly Mote      Toxic Chemicals      Armed Guards    Barbed Wire      Large Hairy Spiders     Paper Mache Wall

1.5a  Do you have any of the following, located on land contained within your proposed nation?
   Huge oil deposits if this box is checked  you must answer the following questions:

1.5b  Would you consider yourself one of George Bush's bestest friends:
    Yes go to question 2.1     No you must answer quetion 1.5c

1.5c  Indicate how you would react to your nation being invaded by other nations acting upon dodgy intelligence:
   Mighty Mad     Would welcome all invaders with open arms and smiley faces 

1.6   Do have a Toxic Waste Dump?  if this box is checked, consider your application successful and now PISS OFF cause no one wants to know about you


Please answer the following questions to assist future visitors to your proposed new nation:

2.1  Public Transportation:
   Conveyor belts     Large canoes     Pogo sticks     Hydrogen balloons     None

2.2  Will you provide any of the following? (Although not required, the provision of any or all of the following could assist your fledgling nation to attract visitors from wealthy countries)
   Large Shopping Malls   Theme Parks   Year long open hunting season of endangered animals    Brothels with under-aged workers   McDonalds food outlets   Money laundering service

2.3 Will your grass always be greener?
   Yes   No

If you have answered all the above questions you may now submit your form by clicking on the button below.  Your application could take up to 4089 working days to process, we appreciate your patience.


Disclaimer:  This form is a publication produced  by The World Body In Charge Of Everything and in no way is related to this Site

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