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Late from Leave

Four Privates arrive late from a weekend leave and are sent immediately to the CO.

The first Pvt goes in the CO office and is immediately asked what he has to say for himself.

"Sir, my family has no car and I had to ride our horse to base. I was trying to get on time but I ran the horse so fast it died on the way!".

The CO looks him up and down and says, "Thats the biggest load of BS I have ever heard. Your next leave is canceled!".

The second Pvt goes in and starts telling his story, which is basically the same as the first guys story. The CO says "Not more of this BS. You can spend your next leave on base with the other pinhead!".

The next Pvt has the same story and the CO is so pissed off he interrupts him with a similar leave canceling reply...

When the fourth Pvt goes in and salutes, the CO immediately says "Let me guess you rode a horse to base as well?!".

"No Sir! I was driving my car, but I ran into a pile of dead horses and crashed into it!"

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