Not Addicted

But, I'm not addicted!

The longest I've been online is 24 hours and part of that time was spent face down on the keyboard, trying to keep a closer eye on what my fingers were doing. That's not an easy job with your eyes closed! Some things coming up on the screen were really strange! But, I'm not addicted...

I enjoy searching the web. I have stayed up all night more than once following link, after link, after link.... I just want to know how far one will go before it breaks and there's no where to go but home - It's not an addiction - it's a quest for knowledge!

So what if the house work isn't done -- it's not condemnable -- Yet. A clean house is not a priority -- at least not until there's a camera hook up so other cyber folks can see this pig sty.

Exercise? Who needs it? My arm and wrist are almost nonexistent now from exercising my mouse.

Family doesn't understand that this is my life support system -- Not an addiction!

I have a shelf at my desk with snacks so I don't have to cook; I've installed outlets next to the PC for my coffee pot, and my Pepsi's remain at my side in a cooler box... need that caffeine!

I replaced my desk chair with a recliner. I NEED one with a concealed potty chair. It would help if it also had a spot to keep all my PC Novice magazines.

The family's reaction to having my head shaved to allow more time for the net was totally unacceptable. No matter what they say, I am NOT border-line nutsville!

And now they claim to be concerned about my eyesight!

Hey, wouldn't you rather look at a monitor than a filthy house?!?!

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