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Headlines from 2050

Headlines From The Year 2050:

  • Texas executes last remaining citizen
  • Court clears AOLTimeWarnerGEDisneyCiscoFordRJRNabiscoExxonMobil of monopoly charges
  • 50-year study: Diet and exercise key to weight loss
  • Baby conceived naturally
  • It wasn't the cigarettes -- It was the ashtrays
  • Mother Monica dies: Revered hero of Bangkok slums overcame lurid past with US President
  • Florida to be readmitted to union
  • Plague of Spotted Owls threaten crops, livestock
  • Wealthy Widow Anna Nicole Smith, 83, weds handsome young actor. "This is true love," he beams.
  • Construction begins on Grenada War Memorial in DC
  • Baltimore Rams defeat St. Louis Ravens
  • Pope Phil II settles custody battle with ex-wife
  • Upcoming NFL draft likely to focus on mutants
  • Younger generation's music provokes outrage of elders
  • DC National Zoo to receive rare cow
  • Authentic Year 2000 Chad sells for $6.9 million at Sotheby's
  • Nursing home lawsuit case: Clinton denies candy striper's allegations
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