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Green Beret in Heaven

Courtesy of Zac A.

Three Coast Guard officers passed away and went to heaven. Standing at the Pearly gates St. Peter greeted them. As he welcomed them to heaven they asked, "St. Peter, those Green berets always give us a hard time, are there any of them up here?"

Sadly St. Peter shook his head. "I'm sorry gentlemen", he said, "They seem to find themselves in a different place."

Happily the three Coast Guard soldiers enter heaven and begin walking through heaven. It wasn't long before they come across an angel flying by with her hands zip-tied behind her back. Then they came across a group of angels with their hands zip-tied and burlap bags on their heads. They hear a commotion ahead and went to investigate. There over the hill they see a ten foot tall man with a bare chest, bulging muscles, an M-4, and a green beret on his head.

Quickly the Coast Guard soldiers run back to St. Peter. "St. Peter! We saw a Green Beret here in Heaven! He was zip-tying angels and everything." St. Peter Laughs shyly. "No," He says, "That's just God. He has always wanted to be a Green Beret."

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