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One Soldier and Two Sailors

Courtesy of Zac A.

Two Navy sailors are on a plane on their way to Houston. An Army soldier takes his seat in the aisle seat next to them and immediately removes his boots from his sore feet. The sailor sitting in the window seat tells his friend "I'm going to get a coke," and begins to get up.

"Hey," says the soldier, "I'll get that for you." As he is walking to the galley, the same sailor takes one of his boots and spits into it. As the soldier returns giving the sailor his coke, the second sailor says "That looks good, I think I'll go get one."

Again the soldier offers to get one for him. When he is gone the sailor in the other seat spits a generous glob of spit into his other boot. The soldier returns and hands off the coke. Immediately he falls asleep.

When the landing gear lowers as they approach the Houston airport, the soldier awakes and begins putting on his boots. Right away he knows what has happened, and turns to the snickering sailors, "Come on guys," he says, "When is this animosity going to stop? All this spitting in boots and pissing in cokes...."

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